Pour the Port Simple Subscription Program

First Shipment

Septic Tank Treatment

In the first shipment, you will receive a quart and (3) 8oz bottles of PORT Septic Tank Treatment. Upon arrival simply pour the quart down the drain or flush the toilet. Every 30 days after that pour one of the 8oz bottles into the drain or toilet. The quart will shock the system, and the cute little 8oz bottles will maintain a happy system.

Additional Shipments

Septic Tank Treatment

No frets or regrets. Each additional shipment will contain (4) 8-ounce maintenance bottles. Simply pour down a drain or flush down the toilet every 30 days. We know that this is a painfully difficult task to remember, but we are here for you. We will not only remind you but provide the valuable moral support you need to make the perfect pour.

Southland Organics PORT is a powerful liquid formula that provides rapid waste degradation and odor control for a portable, vault, and pit-type toilets as well as RV and Marine holding tank applications.

PORT efficiently and effectively breaks down waste in tanks and clears bio-solids. In septic tanks with a drain field,

PORT breaks down solids and opens up drain lines, potentially adding years between septic tank pumpings.

Digests Difficult Compounds

Southland Organics Port contains a synergistic blend of new bacterial strains which have been scientifically developed (selectively adapted) to cope with difficult compounds and chemicals present in wastewater effluent. Unlike any other bio-formulation, Port contains bacterial strains that will digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons, and phenols.

Amazing Odor Control

Southland Organics Port bio-formulation provides exceptional results controlling hydrogen sulfide and other mercaptan odors emitted from portable toilets and holding tanks. Our substrate is a new and novel, totally organic product that controls sulfide odors by blocking the pathways of sulfide-producing compounds. The product is also unique in that it contains micro- and macro-nutrients that accelerate microbial activity, growth and performance.

Safe for the Environment

Southland Organics Port is all natural and organic, so it is very beneficial to the environment.

Multiple Uses

It can dissolve grease and eliminate odors in grease traps, wastewater lift stations, and RV dump stations. When diluted 1:7 with water in a backpack sprayer, it can be used to solve any biological odor including garbage dumpsters, organic spills, and animal decomposition. For septic tanks with a drain field, we recommend 8 ounces of Port monthly in a 500-gallon septic tank for routine maintenance. For problematic systems, 1 gallon of Port monthly in a 500-gallon tank will resolve most issues within a couple of applications. Port can completely clear a clogged septic system drain field.


Click the link above to request our SDS Sheet for PORT

Application Rates

Vault Toilets

Optimally Port (diluted in water as specified below) should be added when the vault has been freshly pumped. The vault can then be left to fill to capacity without any additional product being needed. Additional water may be needed if solids begin to exceed the water line.

Vault Size Dosage Water to Add
3000 gallons 7 gallons PORT at least 49 gallons
2000 gallons 5 gallons PORT at least 35 gallons
1000 gallons 2.5 gallons PORT at least 17.5 gallons
500 gallons 1.25 gallons at least 9 gallons

Septic Tank Maintenance

Problematic Tanks1 gallon per 500 gallon tankEach Cycle
Normal Use8 ounces per 500 gallon tankEach Cycle

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