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Probiotics are an essential part of a healthy diet for laying hens and broilers, especially for farmers who want to avoid the excessive use of antibiotics. The use of a probiotic supplement means better overall production in laying hens and better health in broilers. Big Ole Bird poultry supplement from Southland Organics provides layer hens and broilers with an increase in intestinal microorganisms. These microorganisms are essential for immunity and overall health. Big Ole Bird is easy to use and contains only organic ingredients. These supplements can be used on a large scale for commercial poultry production or for the backyard farmer feeding their family with fresh meat and eggs from their own chickens.

The Importance of Probiotic Supplements in Poultry

Probiotics are a natural way to boost immunity in poultry. They work to increase the beneficial microorganisms in the digestive system which leads to a stronger immune response to combat harmful pathogens. This means better resistance to many common illnesses. Probiotics have also been shown to lower the rate of mortality in laying hens and broilers who do get ill. Through the increase of intestinal integrity, probiotics in the gut have also been shown to help poultry better protect themselves from harmful bacteria. Big Ole Bird from Southland Organics contains Bacillus probiotic strains that are actually superior to lactic acid bacteria that are found in many other supplements. Lactic acid is fragile and often doesn't reach the digestive tract where it's needed most.

Other Benefits of Probiotics

The use of probiotics in poultry production is not only beneficial for digestive health but also aids in nutrient absorption. A poultry probiotic supplement like Big Ole Bird can actually help with amino acid absorption when used as suggested. Studies have shown that probiotics in laying hens and broilers help the birds absorb more nutrients from their feed. This is especially important when it comes to the assimilation of amino acids. When poultry farmers consider the fact that these compounds are essential to a healthy digestive tract, the benefits behind regular usage of probiotics are significant.

What's in Big Ole Bird?

The ingredient list of Big Ole Bird consists only of three ingredients: organic composted humus, deionized water, and Fuller's Earth (organic agricultural clay). But these simple ingredients work together with the chickens' immune system to promote health through an increased response to harmful pathogens, a higher concentration of beneficial microorganisms, and improved nutrient absorption. The active ingredient in this probiotic supplement and the organic composted humus contains several strains of beneficial bacteria. Some of these strains include Bacillus mojavensis, Bacillus subtilis, Nitrobacillus georgiensis, and Bacillus megaterium just to name a few. This natural source of microorganisms replenishes the gut with healthy bacteria and also provides a source of activated carbon, another essential element for healthy laying hens and broilers.

Broiler Production

Big Ole Bird, also called BoB, was initially developed for one purpose; to increase broiler production. When used as directed in commercial broiler farming, this poultry supplement leads to larger and healthier birds. Studies have shown that the probiotic strains in Big Ole Bird help broilers resist many of the illnesses seen in commercial poultry farming. One study in particular, which gauged how well the use of Big Ole Bird could combat necrotic enteritis, had decisive results in favor of the use of this product. Broilers in the study showed a mortality rate improvement of 6.2%. The rates of feed conversion and weight gain were also improved in the group given the supplement over the control group.

Laying Hens

Probiotics have several benefits for laying hens. They not only help to extend their lives but also help them lay better eggs. Regular probiotic usage in laying hens can also mean an increase in egg production. Big Ole Bird has proven such great impacts on commercial layer operations that we have added a sister product, Hen Helper. It has been shown that probiotics can increase the yield and size of eggs. Regular use of this supplement can also lead to healthier hens. Poultry farmers can see a significant increase in eggs with healthier and happier birds. Hen Helper was created to increase health and fertility for better egg production. Studies have shown that this product helps with vitamin and mineral absorption and levels. It also increases calcium uptake, reduces reproduction issues, and improves the mortality rate in laying hens.

Administering Poultry Probiotics

Giving probiotic supplements to poultry is a simple process. The product goes into the drinking water supply. The exact measurements for product ratio to water can be found on the Big Ole Bird container. The product comes in several sizes; with the quart having a convenient measuring device at the top. This particular bottle includes a convenient design that makes the dispensing of the supplement quick and easy. There is a bulb at the top of the water that fills with the probiotic supplement with a simple squeeze of the bottle. The bulb has 2 measurements: 1/2 ounce or 1 ounce. The recommended dosage is 1/2 ounce of Big Ole Bird poultry probiotic supplement per 2.5 gallons of fresh water. The product can be used each time the water is refilled. It alters the color of the water supply but doesn't negatively affect the taste.

Why Choose Organic Poultry Supplements

Organic supplements, like the ones offered by Southland Organics, are made without pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides. These supplements are also free of genetically modified ingredients. This is ideal for farmers who wish to sell their eggs or broilers as "organic." As many farmers continue to move away from the use of antibiotics in poultry production, especially on organic farms, the need for preventative measures increases. Organic supplements help laying hens and broilers increase their gut health, which leads to a stronger immune system. These birds who are provided with regular supplements of probiotics, like those found in Big Ole Bird, are better able to fight infections naturally. This includes common pathogenic bacteria like Clostridium and other bacteria that can cause illness or death.

Benefits of Organic Acids

The use of humic and fulvic acids is on the rise as poultry farmers are looking for ways to prevent illnesses in their hens and broilers. These compounds, which are derived from the decomposition of plants and other organic matter, are of particular interest to farmers seeking ways to prevent digestive problems in their birds and improve immune systems. Recent studies on the use of fulvic and humic acids have shown their ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. These compounds can also improve the immune system and prevent or treat many digestive illnesses in poultry.

Importance of Gut Health

The gut is the main area where healthy microorganisms live which means health in the gut is essential for a healthy immune response to harmful pathogens. As farmers know, healthy chickens mean a healthier food supply when it comes to eggs and meat. Maintaining healthy birds is the goal of most successful poultry farmers. Taking precautions against diseases, by helping the chickens increase their digestive health, is an excellent way to continue providing healthy food to consumers. Being proactive with supplements like Big Ole Bird to promote a healthy gut in poultry means less money spent on treatments for illnesses.

Adding a Supplemental Vitamin

The use of a vitamin supplement in conjunction with Big Ole Bird probiotics can lead to better overall health in laying hens. Southland Organic's Catalyst Poultry Vitamin contains a blend of essential nutrients like fatty acids, water-soluble vitamins, amino acids, and fat-soluble vitamins. Studies have shown that chickens benefit from the use of all vitamins, excluding vitamin C.  Catalyst Poultry Vitamin can be used in commercial farming or for backyard usage. It helps laying hens maintain a proper balance of necessary vitamins to promote health and performance. When used in combination with Big Ole Bird, these supplements are able to decrease vitamin deficiencies that are common in poultry. This means more eggs, stronger shells, and healthier birds overall. This supplement can be mixed into the birds drinking water along with the Big Ole Bird probiotic supplement.

Using probiotics in poultry production can increase the health of the birds and increase egg and meat production. Big Ole Bird supplement from Southland Organics is a preventative method of controlling sickness and disease. This means less need for treating illnesses and healthier birds overall. These supplements are easy to administer and can be added to the fresh water supply. Big Ole Bird is made with organic ingredients and is designed to promote healthy growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. This increases the birds' ability to respond to pathogens and prevents many common poultry illnesses. The result leads to higher egg production in laying hens and healthier broilers. A poultry supplement like Catalyst Poultry Vitamin can be used in addition to probiotics to help promote health in broilers and laying hens. Farmers can also introduce Hen Helper to improve vitamin absorption and increase egg production.

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