Litter Life - Poultry Litter Amendment

Poultry Litter Biosecurity
Liquid poultry litter treatment designed to improve litter quality and poultry health through biosecurity.

Litter Life is a non-corrosive liquid poultry litter treatment that provides unsurpassed ammonia control and forms a biological barrier for poultry houses and litter beds.

Our Poultry litter treatment is a patented liquid formula specifically designed to improve the management of poultry by reducing ammonia and pathogens thereby increasing poultry health. It is organic and safe to use. It does not employ the use of toxic chemicals such as alum and sodium bisulfate that our competition utilizes. Our poultry litter treatment promotes poultry welfare.

Long Term Ammonia Prevention

Litter Life helps reduce ammonia while ridding your litter of dangerous pathogens. Litter Life is able to address the long term challenges when dealing with ammonia. Litter Life doesn’t treat Ammonia........It prevents it!

Easy to Apply Liquid

No need for crazy equipment or certifications. Litter Life Liquid Poultry Litter Treatment is simple to spray using any standard pack or pressurized sprayer. Averages ten to twelve minutes per 20,000 square ft. house.


Litter Life is non-corrosive and is safe to apply directly on equipment. This alone will save poultry farmers thousands versus highly corrosive acid products.

Competitive Exclusion

Competitive Exclusion is when two species compete they cannot coexist if one species has even the slightest advantage. Litter Life always wins.

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Application Rates

Step 1: Mix Litter Life concentrate with water at a minimum dilution rate of 1:9. Adding even more water then that is often desirable. After diluting, wait at least 30 minutes before applying.

Step 2: Using a garden or backpack sprayer apply mixed solution in a uniform manner over then floor and ground of the entire coop. Apply at a rate of 64 ounces of concentrated Litter Life per 1,000 sqft.


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