FertALive Garden

FertALive Garden Fertilizer has been scientifically formulated to deliver highly effective nutrition to row crops and vegetable gardens.

This superior technology was developed to safely provide high-quality foliar nutrition for fast acting uniform growth.  When developing FertALive Garden Fertilizer we carefully considered major issues such as leaching, nitrification, soil structure, biological damage and other problems associated with conventional foliar fertilizers.

FertALive Garden Fertilizer is a unique blend of various fertilizer sources and a powerful Humate substance.  Compared to other fertilizers,

FertALive Garden Fertilizer is very unique in structure, process and results.

This stable and reliable source of nutrients enhances conventional fertility programs and helps crops meet their full quality potential.

FertALive Garden Fertilizer provides Nitrogen along with high levels of carbon as well as Humic and Fulvic acids and a range of beneficial live biology.  This combination provides a comprehensive blend of nutrients, then binds those nutrients to the soil around your plant’s roots.  The nitrogen and the other nutrients go directly to your plants, and are not gassed off or washed away into rivers and streams.

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