Dog Spot for Lawns

Dog Spot for Lawns

Quickly and safely eliminate Brown dead spots on your lawn caused by dog urine and bring your lawn back to life with Dog Spot!

Dogs are creatures of habit and tend to pick the same spots on your lawn to “go,” killing the grass with the excess nitrogen. Dog Spot Solution encapsulates the nitrogen, keeping it from burning your grass, while adding humic acid and carbon to quickly eliminate any odors and revitalize the soil, rapidly returning your grass to a brilliant, vibrant, healthy shade of green.

  • Rapidly brings dead lawn spots back to life
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Natural and Organic
  • The most effective at dog urine grass repair

Dog Spot Solution contains high levels of rich humic acids. A Humate is an organic material broken down as far as nature will allow. Humates absorb the nitrogen in the dog urine that is burning your lawn. This absorption from the dog stop for lawns stops the lawn burn and begins the dog urine grass repair.

The beneficial biology then works with plant roots to help make the nitrogen available to the grass/plants for growth. Using a fully organic program for your yard and garden that includes Dog Spot for lawns helps protect the environment, pets, wildlife, and children.

Dog Spot Solution is specifically for small, concentrated, spot use on lawns. If you are looking to apply it to a larger section or an entire lawn we recommend Genesis. Genesis performs many of the same actions in a more economical manner. Genesis is designed to revitalize an entire lawn.


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Product Benefits

  • Rapidly brings dead lawn spots back to life
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Natural and Organic
  • Introduces active carbon
  • Chelates nitrates
  • Loaded with indigenous microbiology to repair your soil

Application Rates

Pour 8 ounces of Dog Spot for Lawns into a 5 gallon bucket and fill with water. Mix or stir. Allow the solution to “steep” in the bucket for at least an hour and up to 18 hours. This will allow the beneficial bacteria to propagate and become more effective.

After brewing period pour the solution directly to the “brown spot” caused by urine burn. On subsequent applications you can dilute it even further.  2 ounces per gallon applied once per week should remedy the situation.

Mode of Operation

Dog Spot for Lawns contains activated carbon and nitrogen fixating microbiology that will repair soil damaged by excessive nitrogen and nitrates. The activated carbon will balance and the microbiology will break down the excess nitrogen and allow the grass to grow again. You might even notice your dog going in other spots.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review
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07 Sep 2020
United States United States
I recommend this product
Dog Spot

Wow! Great stuff! I prefer using natural products and was not let down. Poorer this stuff on the lawn burn spots and noticed green grass popping through in less than a week.

30 Jun 2020
Nancy f.
Yellow Spots Gone!

We have two large dogs that have done significant damage to our lawn. With time on my hands this summer I decided to tackle the problem and found Dog Spot on line. Had great results on the many yellow spots caused by the female. Unfortunately the male returns to the same spots and has left large dead areas which will take more time and effort. Want to thank Brad for taking the time to discuss my problem with me and give me good advice and the product information needed to tackle these more difficult areas. I'm switching to Genesis and hope that with effort on my part it will help me bring back the grass. Having both a nice lawn and dogs seemed impossible, but your products are helping me make that a reality. Thank you!

01 Jul 2020
Southland Organics

Nancy - thank you so much for the review. Please let us know if we can assist in any way. Keep us posted.

20 Jun 2020

Like the one other review, we also did a complete re-sod of our back yard using a grass recommended to withstand a dog. our beautiful new lawn is almost destroyed from the brown spots, we have a 70lb female border collie. I have followed directions and diluted this product,allowed it to sit overnight before applying and I have applied almost on a daily basis to make sure I don't miss the *** spots. We live in the Pacific northwest so have been getting plenty of rain to wash the solution into the soil. We are in our fourth week and second bottle and frankly I am not seeing much repair happening, its certainly not rapid and Im not sure I will waste more money to keep up this treatment. Too bad as so wanted this to work!

22 Jun 2020
Southland Organics

Sorry to hear the challenges. After four weeks you should see rebirth and growth. Is the collie still peeing in the same spots? Feel free to email / call and we will make any wrong a right. mike at southlandorganics dot com