Farm Safety: Electrical Tips and Tools

by Allen Reynolds September 17, 2020

Any good farm manager knows you have to wear many hats to have an efficient, effective operation. Today, Jason Jackson talks about wearing your Electrician's hat as a poultry farmer.



Test Lights

Before working on any type of circuitry, the first step is to make sure the power is cut off. Even if you think the power is already off, it is a good rule of thumb to double-check every time. That's why Jason suggests having a test light on hand. He keeps a test light in every control room on his farm, so whenever he gets ready to do any electrical work, he is able to ensure that the power is off.


You might be familiar with the industry procedure, "Lockout/Tagout." Many industries use this safety system to protect workers doing maintenance. To enforce a version of this on your own farm, it only requires one simple tool: a zip tie! Before doing electrical work, once you disconnect the electricity, simply run a zip tie through the hole on the breaker box (as seen in the video). Of course, there's nothing stopping someone from removing it, but the presence of the zip tie will prevent someone from impulsively flipping the power back on. The zip tie serves as a signal that someone is doing electrical work!

Breaker Boxes

Whenever a breaker is constantly tripping, be sure to further investigate to determine what is wrong in the circuit—either the circuit is overloaded or it has a short. Typically, it's a circuit issue rather than a breaker issue, so don't try to tape or wire the breaker shut. Turn off the power, figure out what's going on, and fix it safely!

Power Equipment 

When it comes to power equipment, it's important to pay close attention to the cords. It can be tempting to wind the cord around the handle to keep it neat and tidy, but that can actually break the wires and pose the threat for future electrical shorts or dangerous shock.

We hope Jason's electrical safety tips and reminders have been helpful to you! Always keep these things in mind while working on electrical issues.‍

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Allen Reynolds
Allen Reynolds


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