Darkling Beetle Insecticide | Desecticide Poultry Spray

A non-toxic formula that is proven effective for killing resistant darkling beetles, lesser mealworms, bed bugs, mites, fleas and ticks on chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Desecticide, darkling beetle insecticide, is proven effective, non-toxic, safe to use in poultry facilities even when birds are present and can be used directly on birds. There is no re-entry wait time or re-application limit, and it is safe for the environment. Desecticide significantly outperforms the competition and is less expensive to use than the leading brand. Beetles have become resistant to the current pesticides, requiring constant pesticide rotation. Breakthrough technology has a completely different mode of action versus traditional insecticides. This insecticide targets neurological receptors active only in insects and arthropods that are not active in birds or mammals.

Desecticide is Responsible, Flexible, Effective, and Stress-free!


This is an all-natural solution for darkling beetle control. We’d love to tell you that it’s organic(because it is), but certifiers do not even provide organic certifications for insecticides. They just assume they are all the same chemically-driven, environmentally unsound products. Evidently, they haven’t met Desecticide.


Desecticide, darkling beetle insecticide, can be applied at any point during, and multiple times throughout the grow out. Best of all, you, the grower, can apply Desecticide! That means no waiting on a specialist for an application. You see a problem; you solve a problem!

Plus, you can combine Desecticide with your Southland Organics Litter Life Poultry Litter Treatment for one simplified, effective application.


Within 24 hours, our Desecticide will solve your darkling beetle problem. However, Desecticide doesn’t just eliminate darkling beetles, it has been shown to be effective against several other insects as well.


Desecticide, darkling beetle insecticide, is a no resistance/no rotation solution. So, the bugs don’t build up any resistance, and you don’t have to remember which product to apply next. Desecticide, darkling beetle control is all you need..every time!

Safety Declaration

This product has not been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Southland Organics represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under FIFRA Section 25(b).

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Product Benefits

Application Rates

Protocol 1
Blended House
10 Gallons of Litter Life + 4 Gallons of Desecticide Poultry House Spray in 90 gallons of water.
Covers 20,000 square feet.

Protocol 2
4 Gallons of Desecticide Poultry House Spray in 40 gallons of water.
Covers 20,000 square feet.

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