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Does Dead Soil Have You Down?

Are you suffering at every change of the season as a new fungal infection or disease takes hold? Are you using the maximum amount of pesticides and fertilizers that you feel comfortable utilizing, but nothing changes? We know you work very hard- studying all the proper nutritional program best practices and applications, yet still fall short at times.

If you feel that you have reached a dead end, it may be time to analyze the fundamental building blocks. It’s important to get to the root of the problem- and understand the foundation for growing resilient turf lies in the soil. Often, after years of transitional programs and heavy use of synthetic products, valuable soil microbes die off and leave a vacuum for harmful microbes to take over. The good news is that you have the power to avoid the perils of takeover and regain power of your turf.

Let’s Speak Science. Not Fiction.
Southland Organics provides customized plans based on data and research.

Imagine a vibrant soil structure. One that is teeming with beneficial microbes that efficiently break down nutrients and increase exchange rates within the root zones of your most valuable asset, the turf. Imagine a strong mixture of bacillus, fungi, and protozoa that collectively ward off disease and pestilence. In such a story, your fertilization programs go farther, your macro nutrient dependency is lessened, and your disease pressure is nearly non-existent.

  • Increase Organics and Activated Carbon Levels
  • Reduce Soil Compaction
  • Break Surface Tension and Biofilm
  • Increase Germination Rates
  • Reduce Nutrient Runoff
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Brad Broxton has been helping farmers, waste water treatment facilities, State Parks and National Parks for 5+ years now. He is passionate about helping people get to optimal systems so that they can focus on what matters most.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
  • “I have to admit I was quite skeptical to try. I implemented the program to my egg layer flock that I was contemplating culling due to poor performance. By the end of day two production rose from 20% to 75%. Weeks later we are at 90%. Honestly I am astonished and quite speechless.”

    Mike Z

  • Have used your product for about a year. We run all of our flocks on it. My 160 week old birds are healthier and stronger. Also running about 85% with great shell quality. I believe it's the reason I am able to run my birds past 100 weeks. This is going to save me serious money by not having to rotate my flocks as often. I run a low dose continuously in their water. Great product. Customer for life.

    Reese Mclure

  • The birds loved the product. I usually have some older birds that have a hard time with the heat, especially when we have 70 one day and the next 85 F. I had just ordered new chicks and they were on Big Ole bird by day 5. All birds have been doing great. I am excited to see the difference in weeks to come with my breeder birds. Its important to keep good bugs in a birds gut. I see that Big Ole Bird is doing its job. When moving birds to dirt there is always Cocci problems. I'm keeping my chicks on Big Ole bird as per instructions to help keep my chicks healthy. Thank You Southland!